Service Update - COVID-19

Due to the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, our office has established a business continuity plan and will continue to serve our clients in the safest way possible.

Our staff will be working remotely and will be closing our office until further notice. We will resume in office operations and will be available for phone calls once our government agencies deem it safe. We ask that you please remain patient and consider the following: The IRS has granted taxpayers relief by giving extensions on all income tax payments up to July 15th. The extensions will be valid once an electronic extension is filed, which we will do for you.

We assure you that we will continue to work all files diligently and timely.

If you should have an emergency, we are providing Steve Whyte's contact information where he can be reached. PLEASE be extremely considerate and thoughtful on whether your matter is truly an emergency prior to calling. Steve Whyte's PH: 909-720-6876

Business Continuity Plan

Here is how you can check on your stimulus payment

Steve Whyte, E.A

After the fact payroll services make sense even for business owners who handle their own basic payroll

After the fact payroll services make sense even for business owners who handle their own basic payroll

One of the greatest administrative burdens faced by many businesses is payroll. Not only is payroll fluid, and in need of constant attention, this aspect of a business is filled with complexities. Processing payroll takes a great deal of time due to the continual changes to payroll tax laws, necessary filings, deposits, reports, and calculations. In many cases, the best solution to payroll management is to bring in a professional service for complete or after the fact payroll. With Whyte & Associates, Inc. payroll services, you can spend your time managing your business rather than grappling with accounting. One of the ways that business owners succeed is by making decisions that save time and reduce costs. Saving time with professional payroll services makes sense for a number of reasons. Clients of Whyte & Associates in Rancho Cucamonga can benefit from either complete or after the fact payroll.

Complete payroll service

The payroll process can be made smooth and seamless with the right payroll system. Today, technology enables business owners and their accountants to produce professional checks for employees, vendors, and tax agencies quickly as needed. Payroll services can also involve analyses and reports that will facilitate optimal operations.

After-the-fact payroll service

When bi-weekly or monthly payroll is under control but there remains the need to submit necessary reports to tax agencies, after the fact payroll services provide the right amount of flexibility and security. After the fact payroll can benefit a business by:

  • Integrating right into an existing program, such as QuickBooks
  • Saving time and money through direct deposits
  • Allowing the business owner control of the payroll process
  • Reducing errors such as double-entry

Business ownership in itself can be both exciting and somewhat frightening. Whether you are in your first year and first business or would consider yourself seasoned, with years and multiple business ventures under your belt, there may be intricacies involved in payroll and taxes with which assistance would be advantageous. Whyte & Associates has been serving businesses in and around Rancho Cucamonga for many years. To learn how we can help you streamline your payroll, call (909) 575-0080.