Stress Less; You are in Good Hands With Expert Risk Assessment, Audit Services

Risk Assessment Process in Audit Ontario CA area

Audit. How can just one little word instill so much fear? At Whyte & Associates, Inc., our team in Rancho Cucamonga, serving Ontario, California, and surrounding cities, takes the fear out of the process. It helps first to understand the “truths” about this process and to look at it through the lens of using associated risk assessment protocols to avoid the dreaded audit, as so many know it – the government audit of individual or business tax returns.  The process defined To “audit” is to scrutinize or examine one’s accounts, be it an organization or individual. Governmental agencies may flag … Continue reading

Your “Easy Button” To Considerable Tax Savings And Opportunities

Tax Professionals in Ontario CA area

While there may not be an “easy button” for taxes, we have the next closest thing – a free tax organizer. Whyte & Associates, Inc. encourages you to fill out this form prior to your first appointment with one of our seasoned tax professionals in Rancho Cucamonga, serving Ontario, Upland, La Verne, Claremont, Fontana, and the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. Your checklist to make taxes a lot less taxing  Generally, you provide us with the initial information, and we take it from there. Information collected each season builds upon itself. So, after the first year of partnering … Continue reading

Why You Should Take Business Incorporation Seriously When Starting Up

Incorporating a Startup in Ontario CA area

Congratulations on making “the leap”! As proud owners of a small family-owned and family-operated venture, we understand the unique joys and challenges associated with starting your own venture. Additionally, as tax professionals, Whyte & Associates, Inc. also appreciates that what you do when starting up at the outset can have considerable ramifications for the “life” of your business.  Incorporating your Startup  There are several structures to choose from, and we can go over these options during your visit to our Rancho Cucamonga office serving the Ontario, California area. The most common types include sole proprietorships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability … Continue reading

Bookkeeping Makes Your Business go ‘round: Don’t Trust it To Just Anyone!

Expert Bookkeeping in Ontario CA area

Keeping the “books.” It’s a phrase that often elicits groans and dread. However, it is also a critical business function that must be done well. With almost 70 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and related functions, Whyte & Associates, Inc. has the expertise and systems to accurately, completely, securely, and responsively track, organize, retrieve, and store your accounts and vital business data.  When organizations of all sizes and types in Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and our surrounding area of Southern California hire us, they get an extension of their talented teams. As a professional accountant firm, we handle what we … Continue reading

Dedicated Startup Consulting Services To Start Your Business Off Right

Startup Consulting Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

Starting a business is complex, with so many unknown factors. As an investor or entrepreneur, the intricacies of a business startup can be paralyzing, cause stagnancy, and not allow for progress. Business consultancy for startups helps you move forward when stuck. We fill up gaps where you don’t have the required expertise and help you avoid costly errors when starting your business. Planning to start a new venture in Rancho Cucamonga, California? Don’t navigate the journey alone. Instead, talk to Whyte & Associates, Inc. to sample our business startup consulting services. We are here to assist you in establishing a … Continue reading

Understanding Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions to Optimize Your Tax Returns

Overlooked Tax Deductions in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

With complicated and constantly changing tax laws, it can be easy for businesses to overlook tax-saving opportunities. Fortunately, by engaging a tax expert like Whyte & Associates, Inc., we can help you keep up with the latest deductions, credits, and exemptions to reduce your tax burden.  Most businesses overpay taxes or wrongly claim deductions, which can result in non-compliance penalties. Since most companies operate on a thin budget, you can only afford necessary taxes, fines, or penalties. We’ll explain common tax deductions overlooked by taxpayers. Hopefully, you’re eligible for some of these tax breaks to reduce your tax burden this … Continue reading

Understanding Payroll Deductions to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Enhance Compliance

Payroll Deductions for Small Business in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

Payroll involves more than paying your employees on time. One essential role in your payroll is making proper deductions and remitting the same to the relevant authorities on time. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have the time and expertise to make accurate payroll deductions, leading to unnecessary fines and penalties.  Don’t crack your head over your payroll management. Instead, engage a professional firm to help streamline your payroll to avoid costly errors. If you are in Rancho Cucamonga, California, please contact Whyte & Associates, Inc. for payroll management services. The team has the experience and skills to create the payroll, … Continue reading

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Skilled Tax Services

Expert Tax Preparation Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

When you think of California, picturesque landscapes, sunny beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine are probably what come to your mind. One thing that never crosses your mind is the California tax. Unfortunately, California has some of the highest tax rates for individuals and businesses, so it’s vital to learn how California taxes work to optimize your tax planning strategies. Let’s face it. Most business owners are too engaged to understand the intricacies of tax. But does that mean your tax function should fall by the wayside? No. Entrust your tax services to a professional firm like Whyte & Associates, Inc. Our … Continue reading

How a Financial Services Firm Can Help With IRS Audits

Financial Services Firm in Claremont CA

There’s a fair chance that you’ll have to go through an IRS audit at some point. The IRS audits over 600,000 tax returns per year. While audits have declined in recent years owing to budget cuts, recent changes, and increased funding now, mean that the IRS will have more resources to conduct audits. Working with a financial services firm is wise if you’re facing an audit and wondering why and how to choose a business consultant in Claremont, California. Let’s take a look. Reasons people get audited: Math errors Failure to report income Deducting excessive business expenses Claiming a home … Continue reading

How Professional Accountants Can Help with Cash Flow Management

Professional Accounting Services Claremont California

Did you know cash flow problems are a root cause of over 80 percent of business failures? For entrepreneurs, the problem often isn’t that there is no market for a specific product or service or that the business was out-competed. Instead, poor finances sink many firms, including those that could have thrived profitably with the correct financial management. Fortunately, the Whyte & Associates, Inc. team can provide needed cash flow management and professional accounting services in Claremont, California. Let’s take a closer look at how professional accountants can help with cash flow management. Of course, this is only a precursory … Continue reading