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Restaurant bookkeeping is something to trust to your Rancho Cucamonga accountant

Restaurant bookkeeping Rancho Cucamonga - Man With Billing Machine Running a restaurant is no easy task. In addition to hiring and managing staff, overseeing menu and food preparation, and marketing, you must also handle bookkeeping. Because other demands may require immediate attention, this aspect of your business may be put off; not because you don't care, but because there is simply too much to do in a day. Your Rancho Cucamonga accountant from Whyte & Associates can handle the various bookkeeping needs of your restaurant.


In order to manage your bottom line, you must know how to record the daily sales of your restaurant. Many people attempt to do this by keeping a daily journal, which can be a real challenge when also performing day-to-day operations such as ordering food and supplies. More than simply recording sales, it pays to analyze the timing of when funds hit your restaurant's bank.

Accounts payable

Your vendors are crucial to your business' financial well-being; you need to keep them happy by paying invoices in a timely manner. Weekly payments of accounts are ideal, but the task may need to be managed more frequently, depending on your business situation.


Outsourcing is beneficial in just about every business model, especially when it comes to payroll. There is considerable liability in this area of your business. Errors in your reporting or late filing will incur substantial interest and penalties, which can cut into your earnings. Payroll encompasses more than hours and checks, it also involves knowing the current regulations and timing of reporting. An experienced accountant is perfectly-suited to manage this important task.


To reconcile all applicable accounts, not just your bank accounts, is to secure your financial success. This is one of the most important steps taken in the bookkeeping process, as it ensures accuracy in financial reporting.

Financial reporting

Profit margins are tight in the restaurant industry, which makes financial reporting a crucial task. From year to year, you must analyze your costs and revenue in order to have a clear understanding of your financial status. Inaccuracy in financial reporting and analysis can lead to failure.

These are just a few of the aspects of restaurant bookkeeping, and they indicate the value of consulting an experienced accountant. For the assistance you need in running your restaurant, call Whyte & Associates, Inc.

The restaurant industry poses specific challenges in the area of bookkeeping. See how your Rancho Cucamonga accountant can help. Call 909-575-0080 today.