Auditing services for your small business in Rancho Cucamonga provide the ultimate peace of mind

Business Auditors at Whyte & Associates in Rancho Cucamonga Area

“Audit.” The very mention of the word sends shivers up small business owners’ spines. The reality is, according to the IRS Data Book, small corps are far less likely to be audited than larger corps (.5% versus 6.2% of total returns are audited, respectively). Larger businesses tend to have more potential red flags on their tax returns than organizations and individuals with lower incomes, and resources are deployed toward audits among those higher-income corps as the juice may be more worth the squeeze.

However, the greatest source of owners’ peace of mind comes from exceptional business auditing services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA at Whyte & Associates. Our firm’s professionals are Enrolled Agents, federally authorized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The EA designation is the highest such credential awarded by the U.S. government. As Enrolled Agents, Whyte & Associate’s team is qualified to provide unlimited representation to business and individual clients. We have the credentials to represent you, as a client, before the Internal Revenue Service on any matter. 

The IRS calls it an “elite” status. We at Whyte & Associates demonstrated a high level of knowledge about individual and business tax returns and must continue to do so on an ongoing basis to retain enrollment. In fact, just to achieve this status, Enrolled Agents successfully complete a three-part, wide-ranging IRS test, or demonstrate technical expertise through experience as former employees of the IRS. The distinction doesn’t just “sit on a shelf.” We at Whyte & Associates must complete continuing education hours to stay on top of the latest tax changes, and we demonstrate adherence to ethical standards.

While we are proud of this distinction, Whyte & Associates know that our Enrolled Agents give owners peace of mind. Rest assured that our agents’ skill will be applied to help you identify and address potential audit triggers on the front end. So,you can avoid being flagged on the back end. In the unlikely event that you are among those owners whose small business returns are audited, you can sleep easier knowing that an experienced team of tax professionals is on your side to successfully navigate bumps in the road during the filing process.

Taxes are not a “time” or “season” to us. They are a way of life, that deserves attention throughout the year to get the best results for you and your business, and to take the stress out of filing. Do not wait to schedule an appointment with our EAs today. Call (909) 575-0080.

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