Rancho Cucamonga tax consultants provide considerations to incorporate your business

Helped Countless New Businesses

When an individual launches a business, one of the first things a person must consider is whether to incorporate the business, and which type of corporation to create. With experience in tax and business consulting, the professionals at Whyte & Associates in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, have helped countless new businesses make the best decision about incorporating.

Why should I incorporate?

While operating your business as a corporation does mean that you’ll have increased paperwork, it does have several advantages, including potential tax benefits and legal protections. However, there are several other reasons that businesses might consider incorporation, including:

  • Unlimited life – When incorporated as an S- or C-corp, the life of the business does not depend on the life of a person, or persons. It can continue indefinitely until it is dissolved or merges with another business.
  • Transferability of shares – As a corporation, ownership interest can be easily sold, transferred, or given away simply by transferring stock certificates.
  • Ability to raise capital – Businesses who want to bring on new investors can attract those individuals more easily knowing that they’re protected from liability and can easily transfer shares.

How to incorporate

To begin the process of incorporating your business, contact the office in your state that is responsible for registering corporations. Much of the information, such as instructions, forms, and fees, will be available online. Individuals may also want to talk with an accountant who can help guide them through the process. In many cases, this expertise will be invaluable in ensuring a smooth and successful transition, as well as determining which type of incorporation is best. For example, some businesses may be well served with an LLC structure, the least complex incorporation, while others will benefit from an S- or C-corp.

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