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Financial Audit Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

“Audit.” The mere mention of the word is enough to inspire dread and sleepless nights. But with Whyte & Associates in Rancho Cucamonga, California, on your side, there is nothing to dread. You can rest comfortably knowing that our Enrolled Agents have considerable knowledge of the audit and tax process to get you a favorable result quickly. Additionally, as EAs (the highest credential awarded by the IRS), we have considerable first-hand experience working through various tax matters and with a diverse array of taxpayers. We also have the credentials to represent taxpayers at all tax offices. We have familiarity with preparation through representation and working with the auditors. So, you don’t have to! 

The review 

Ideally, you will be partnering with Whyte & Associates over the long term to avoid the risk of your financials getting “flagged” by the IRS. In the unlikely event that does happen, or your returns are among those flagged arbitrarily (for statistical purposes), we will engage with you promptly to evaluate your records and assure no material misstatements exist. For instance, we will confirm that all records are current, complete, and correct. 

Minding evolving standards 

In addition, during this process, we lend our advanced knowledge of the latest accounting, legal, and regulatory standards and requirements. We assure you that any standard or compliance-driven updates or changes have been accounted for in your documentation. 

 Minding your evolving organization 

Did you invest in a major capital project over the past year? Were you on the receiving end of government grants or financial support? Did you embark on significant management or operational changes? If so, these are all material or non-financial factors that should be accounted for during the auditing preparation process. At Whyte & Associates, we know what questions to ask to elicit the answers that represent those changes, which should be examined and addressed accordingly within the data. 

The auditor relationship

Our EAs assure that all working papers and schedules have been properly organized and submitted. These documents include the likes of general ledger, FY budgets, invoices, transactions, and financial statements. We take great pride in our responsiveness and promptly anticipate or answer queries from our clients and the IRS. That way, you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent service and products to your clients! 

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Learning from the past for a better future 

We can glean considerable helpful insights from the audit process, which can then be applied to better manage your operations and risk exposure in the future. Our team is adept at making recommendations to adjust processes. In this manner, the risk of being audited next year or other untoward outcomes (think: tax savings!) are minimized. 

Let’s start the process of avoiding or minimizing the audit today—Call (909) 575-0080 to schedule an appointment with one of our team members in Rancho Cucamonga. Naturally, we are also here for our fellow business owners and taxpayers facing an audit and don’t know what to do next.

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