Three factors to consider in the search to find a quality Tax Accountant

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has outlined several tips to help you find a tax accountant you can trust. At Whyte & Associates, Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we are proud to tick all the right boxes noted by the IRS that represent qualities to look for in a reputable tax partner

We also go above and beyond these minimal requirements; for instance, speaking of the IRS, we are Enrolled Agents. The EA designation is the highest credential awarded by the IRS, and this means that our rights to represent you, the taxpayer, are unlimited. So, in the event that you receive that dreaded letter or, worse yet, are audited, this provides substantial peace of mind. We work directly with the IRS to resolve these matters on your behalf in a favorable and prompt way. 

Mind the Qualifications

You wouldn’t trust your family’s health to a questionable GP. Likewise, it’s unlikely you would entrust a lawyer with shaky credentials to important legal matters for your family or business interests. So, do not trust your financial health to just anyone. In addition to the EA credential, which requires ongoing demonstration of our integrity and knowledge, Whyte & Associates, Inc. has demonstrated technical aptitude in accounting, auditing, tax preparation and planning, and associated payroll, bookkeeping, and consulting services from accredited institutions. 

Mind the Experience 

It is one thing to understand a professional service “in theory”; it is quite another to put that theory into practice. Whyte & Associates, Inc. has stood the test of time. For more than 65 years, our firm has supported individuals, families, and organizations throughout the Inland Empire in growing and sustaining their personal wealth and business profitability and success. We have had countless satisfied reviews from personal and commercial clients through the years, who are often referred to us from other satisfied clients (family members, friends, colleagues, or industry peers). Additionally, we have supported a diverse range of organizational types, representing an equally diverse range of industries, sectors, and products and services niches. This is helpful when determining the likes of compliance requirements or the latest credits and deductions that may be available to reduce your tax burden. 

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Mind the “Soft Skills” 

Tax partners should be responsive, communicative, and proactive. We could go on and on about how a little bit of communication at different points throughout the year can set you up for significant success (and cost savings) at “tax time.” However, we encourage you to ask our existing and loyal clients about their experiences with us. What we market on this website aligns with what they will tell you. We are a lot like the clients that we represent; we are a longtime, family-owned, and family-operated firm that takes values like integrity very seriously and respects “our people,” our team as well as our clients. Additionally, we account for and celebrate the diversity of our region, and have Spanish speakers on our team to ensure that each client has a comfortable, pleasant, and convenient experience when working with us. 

Through the decades, we have also perfected many of our processes and infrastructure, that is, the systems and technologies used to support our prompt, accurate, complete, and tailored approach to partnering with our clients. 

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