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There are around 72,000 businesses in the Inland Empire alone; however, there is only one business and team quite like yours. At Whyte & Associates, Inc, we have served the needs of organizations in Fontana, California, and the surrounding area for more than 65 years. We treat you and your team as a one-of-a-kind organization and people. It shows in our approach to partnering with and supporting clients over the long term. It also shows how we develop customized plans that account for the likes of existing technologies and infrastructure.

We don’t “shoe-horn” you into payroll processing services that you do not need. With that being said, our vast options and built-in scaling allow for our partnership and solutions to grow and evolve as your business grows and evolves.

Unlike other less seasoned and versatile providers, who often do not call our community or even region “home,” at Whyte & Associates, Inc, we are very familiar with California’s unique regulatory and business environment. Furthermore, we offer an array of options within each category of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services. For instance, in consultation with you and appropriate leadership, we may integrate the following approaches into managing payroll:

  • Live payroll – is a curious term, but we simply refer to the manual process of check-cutting, submitting direct deposits, and printing vouchers. 
  • After-the-fact payroll – clients who already have a robust system in place to handle deposits and checks may benefit from this service that manages payroll on the “back-end.” For example, this option may be bundled with other accounting packages to present a viable, consistent, and ongoing way to prepare tax returns. Many of our clients have benefited from our ability, as professional accountants, to see precisely how payroll interfaces with other aspects of the business. This form of business intelligence helps drive better decision-making, cost savings, and operational efficiencies. 
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Payroll management is a must for successful, sustained operations. However, it is not always easy, especially for small businesses already balancing many obligations and responsibilities. We look forward to partnering with you and identifying and developing solutions your team needs – not too much or too little, but “just right.” Call us today at (909) 575-0080.

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