Payroll services customized to your business needs

Payroll services customized to your business needs

Payroll may seem like a very straightforward task. In truth, there is a lot more to payroll than keeping track of employees’ hours and cutting checks every few weeks. Small business owners who do not have a strong background in accounting and a willingness to stay abreast of the laws that regulate payroll issues benefit the most when they can delegate the task of payroll to an experienced professional. Only in some cases does this mean that an in-house employee should handle payroll. Often, the best way to maximize business potential is to procure professional payroll services from a firm like Whyte & Associates.

In addition to managing hours and dollars, payroll encompasses a number of other ways as well, including:

  • Handling family leave assessments, unemployment, and state disability matters
  • Managing employees’ contributions to health and pension plans
  • Preparing state-level summary filings
  • Issuing year-end W2 forms
  • Making withholding payments to the appropriate government agencies
  • Handling tax withholdings from paychecks
  • Filing quarterly reports

While the aspects of payroll may seem linear, the truth is that the need for payroll services will differ from one company to another. We develop payroll services based on the needs and circumstances of your particular business. Our experienced payroll and accounting professionals understand the complexities of business and the importance of accuracy in the management of your business needs. We are familiar with the various features that may be needed in payroll services. As such, our clients benefit in ways such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness. A professional service is efficient and accurate while very competitive in terms of pricing when compared to hiring a full-time employee to manage payroll.
  • Time management. Handling payroll services on your own can take many hours out of your week.
  • Business focus. There are multiple hats that a business-owner must wear. Delegating payroll to a professional, experienced firm alleviates the need for you to become an expert in this arena. You then have more time to manage the day to day operations that are more lucrative and satisfying.

Reduction in errors. The use of a professional payroll service cuts down on the risk of manual errors during the check-writing process and in record-keeping for important tax preparations.

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