The Benefits of Incorporating your Business

Process of Incorporation in Rancho Cucamonga Area

Perhaps you are running a business and would like to take it up to the next level. One step to consider is to incorporate your enterprise. It will provide your brand with a higher degree of professionalism and give you several tangible benefits.

Business Incorporation

The word incorporation comes from the Latin word “corpus,” which means “body.” It literally means embodying your business into a unique entity that has a specific legal standing. Importantly, by incorporating your business, you will create a tax situation that applies to it, not to your personal tax situation.

Benefits of Incorporation

There are at least six excellent reasons why you might wish to incorporate your business:

  • It becomes separate from your assets; hence your personal property is protected.
  • Your business gains greater credibility.
  • The incorporated company can, theoretically, exist in perpetuity.
  • You gain enhanced tax flexibility and benefits.
  • Numerous deductible expenses become available.
  • Your brand name is protected from competitors.

Incorporation Structures

There are three types of incorporated businesses in the United States: C Corporations, S Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies. The details differ for each. Your best choice generally depends on your business goals.

  • C Corporations. Most large well-known firms in the United States are C-corporations. The benefits include blue-sky growth potential through the sale of stock, no limits on the number of shareholders, and tax-deductible business expenses.
  • S Corporations. This corporate structure provides limited liability protection and offers firms with 100 shareholders or less to be taxed as a partnership.
  • Limited Liability Companies. This is a common choice for smaller businesses. It is simple to put in place, has flexibility that can be appealing, and has no residency requirements.
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