Why seek the services of tax professionals in Rancho Cucamonga?

Tax laws and filing procedures are more complex than ever, leaving many people wondering if they have made a mistake. Maybe you missed an opportunity and paid more than necessary. Maybe you accidently underpaid and will not find out until you are audited. This uncertainty is the reason that most people dread tax deadlines. However, there is an alternative. You can take the stress out of tax time with professional planning and preparation services from Whyte & Associates, Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga.

How we can help you

  • Strategic planning – We do more than just prepare tax forms. We can also help you be prepared for tax time with financial planning and consultation services. Sometimes something as simple as timing an expense can translate into significant savings. For example, maybe you donate to charity every year, but you do not itemize deductions because the annual total is less than the standard deduction. In this case, you could donate a higher amount less frequently, such as every five or ten years. Then you could benefit from itemized deductions in those years, while taking the standard deduction in other years.
  • Lower your tax bill – Most taxpayers have a fear of underpaying. Although, an honest mistake is extremely unlikely to lead to criminal charges, it can result in an unexpected, often very high, tax bill. Many people who file their own tax returns avoid credits and deductions “just to be safe.” However, that approach is also costly, because you could be paying much more than necessary. With the help of a knowledgeable tax professional, you reduce your bill and avoid missteps.
  • Peace of mind – Virtually everyone is susceptible to potential IRS audit, and certain factors make it more likely. The good news is that most audits are essentially just a request for verification. It can be a quick and painless process, providing you can prove that you provided accurate information. When you choose our tax preparation services, you can feel confident that your filings are accurate. We will also advise you about what receipts and other documents you should keep, and for how long.

This year, skip the Tax Day stress

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