Rancho Cucamonga business owners ask: Why is a sound bookkeeping system so important?

In Rancho Cucamonga Area Business Owners Ask: Why is a Sound Bookkeeping System so Important?

As its name suggests, “bookkeeping” is about “keeping” your “books” in order. So, what does that entail? Here, Whyte & Associates of Rancho Cucamonga answers your FAQs about this fundamental, albeit tedious and time-consuming, business function.

Why is a bookkeeping system important?

We have bookkeeping down to a science (or system). Now, that is not to say we treat all clients’ bookkeeping needs the same. Far from it. As with all of our services, they are shaped to your unique needs. Our team is just so well-versed in collecting, tracking, organizing, retrieving, and reporting financial transactions, that these bookkeeping functions are second nature to us. This combination of technical, human expertise and technological, intuitive software, powers your personalized bookkeeping needs. Accurate, complete, consistent, and timely record-keeping informs a number of all-important aspects of your business, including:

  • Tax preparation and strategy
  • Compliance initiatives
  • Prompt responses in the unlikely event of audits
  • Analysis that drives improvements to operations and profits
  • Stress-free retrieval of documents for parties that may require specific data, such as lenders

What are the advantages of outsourced bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping functions are, by their nature, often route and time-consuming; however, these functions are also essential. They demand the highest quality service. There is no room for error, overlooked items, or incomplete paperwork. By partnering with trained and experienced accounting professionals, you know that your financial documents are in skilled and secure hands. Additionally, you avoid the expense associated with paying for a full-time bookkeeper. This also frees up time for you and team members to focus on other tasks, those responsibilities that they may have been hired to do in the first place. You know your business and deserve to be able to dedicate 100% to its growth, sustainability, and performance. So, trust your financials to the team that knows associated tracking, management, and reporting best.

What should I look for in a professional bookkeeper?

This is a great question, because outside firms that offer bookkeeping services vary considerably in terms of experience, training, how they deliver their services, and the resources that they can bring to bear to benefit their clients. Our team strikes the right balance of technical expertise (from real humans!) and sophisticated, secure software systems to store, organize, and retrieve data. There are no “cookie-cutter” services here! We also take great pride in our turnaround time; substantive work is completed within a month. Statements may also be rendered on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

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