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Are you under Audit? We can help make sense of it all. We will help you get organized and ensure the best possible outcome.

An audit is a comprehensive review of an individual’s or organization’s financial reporting. It is most often ordered by an outside entity that has authority, either as part of routine procedures or because the audited party is suspected of willful or accidental inaccuracies.

Types of audits

In the case of an individual or business, an audit is most often performed by a government tax agency with the purpose of ensuring that incomes were properly reported, and all taxes were paid in accordance with local and federal law. However, in the case of franchisee businesses, an audit may be requested or performed by the franchisor, with the purpose of ensuring that all corporate policies were followed according to contract and that all fees or percentages of profits were paid to the franchisor in accordance with the contract.

Our services

We will represent:

  • Individuals facing a government tax audit
  • Business entities facing a government tax audit
  • Non-profit entities facing a government tax audit
  • Franchisees facing an audit by the franchisor

We understand the fear and frustration that can accompany an audit and the challenges and confusion of trying to understand and locate all relevant information. This is particularly challenging if you do not fully understand what information is being requested and how to provide it. Our financial experts are here to help you navigate the challenges of an audit, whether it is by the government or a franchisor, and avoid the stress.

Our audit service involves our qualified team of accountants who will help compile the required information requested during an audit. If required, we will interact face to face with auditors and help settle the audit with the most favorable results possible. Whether you are an existing or new client, we will inform and guide you on how to address all requirements properly during the process. Our qualified team is led by Steve Whyte; he is the owner of Whyte & Associates, Inc., and proudly carries a high success rate in audit representations.

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