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Whyte & Associates, Inc. - Reviews Great company. I have been working with them for the past three years and they never let me down! Incredibly professional and and responsive.
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Whyte & Associates, Inc. - Reviews I have know Steve and his firm for several years. He is a gentleman. His team is friendly and caring. I would highly recommend Steve and his team to everyone!
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Business Tax Rancho Cucamonga - Three people working at office A corporate tax is levied against profits (often, including capital gains) of a company or association. Generally, earnings are calculated by deducting expenses from gross revenue. The full amount of corporate expenses that are related to capital expenses are generally deductible.

No matter what the entity type, Whyte & Associates can prepare your business taxes. The business tax returns that we prepare annually are:
  • 1120 – C CORP TAX RETURN
The above are necessary forms that need to be filed with the IRS. Along with filing the Federal tax return, we will prepare the necessary state return to go along with your Federal return.
A business tax return is generated from a good set of financial statements. More than 75 percent of our business tax returns that are prepared annually are also accounting clients. This is a huge plus because we take care of all year-end adjustments while preparing the tax return. This will ensure that your Financial Statements reflect what has been sent to the IRS and your state government agency.
We are more than capable of preparing your business tax return even if you are not our accounting client. The information however must be complete, accurate, and reliable. Remember, we are not here to audit your information, but if the information provided does not allow us to prepare and balance your corporate tax return, then we will ask for all the necessary information in order to support the values that are being input. In order to ensure that we properly complete your business taxes, we request that you provide us with the following information.
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Year-to-Date General Ledger
  • All supporting Documents for New Asset Acquisitions, Sales, or Disposals
With tax laws and regulations changing so quickly from year to year, it is key to find a preparer who does the due diligence to make sure you stay compliant. The best part about the Whyte & Associates team is that we are not just here to push out tax returns in bulk; we take pride in reviewing your business tax returns so that we can advise you on how to save the most taxes for the business and for you as the owner.