Service Update - COVID-19

Due to the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, our office has established a business continuity plan and will continue to serve our clients in the safest way possible.

Our staff will be working remotely and will be closing our office until further notice. We will resume in office operations and will be available for phone calls once our government agencies deem it safe. We ask that you please remain patient and consider the following: The IRS has granted taxpayers relief by giving extensions on all income tax payments up to July 15th. The extensions will be valid once an electronic extension is filed, which we will do for you.

We assure you that we will continue to work all files diligently and timely.

If you should have an emergency, we are providing Steve Whyte's contact information where he can be reached. PLEASE be extremely considerate and thoughtful on whether your matter is truly an emergency prior to calling. Steve Whyte's PH: 909-720-6876

Business Continuity Plan

Here is how you can check on your stimulus payment

Steve Whyte, E.A

Personal Taxes

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Personal Taxes

An individual or personal income tax is calculated by a person’s total income, less some allowable deductions. Tax is often collected throughout the year on a pay-as-you-earn basis with minor corrections made as needed at year-end. The corrections are either in the form of a payment made to the government (when the amount paid during the year was less than the actual tax owed), or a refund from the government (when the amount paid throughout the year exceeded the actual tax owed).

Are you trying to gather your data for your next tax appointment but not sure what items you actually need to bring? Are you a new client and want to make sure you bring in all the necessary information for us to file your taxes? Please use the free tax organizer provided in the link so that you can allow us to be as accurate and as thorough as possible.

Along with filling out the tax organizer, the following items should be provided to us to verify if all information is accurate:

  • All W-2 Income
  • Any form 1099
  • Form 1098 Mortgage Interest
  • If property tax is not included in Form 1098, then the annual property tax payments made
  • Any Income from a K-1’s
  • IRA Contributions
  • Charitable contribution support for both Cash and Non-Cash items

Remember that every tax return is different. In order for us to make sure nothing is missed, we suggest providing at least the prior two years’ tax returns for the examination of any possible errors. This will also help ensure that we are not omitting data that may have been on a previous tax return and was not provided.

We welcome you to call us with any questions pertaining to your income tax situation. We are here 12 months a year and will guide you to the best possible tax outcome.

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