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"I'm a small business owner and I found myself in a bind trying to refinance my home and dealing with our lender. Three words come to mind; Professional, Thorough, and Friendly. I worked with Luis yesterday and he provided excellent service for the information that we needed to submit to our lender in order to submit to underwriting. He was awesome. I don't submit many reviews for businesses but I do recognize the need for small business to support one another during these difficult times. When I need tax service and support in the future, this is the firm I will call upon and I will also ask for Luis specifically, he has really made my day. Thank you Luis!"

"In January 2020 i contacted Steve at Whyte & Assoc. We discussed my situation and he gave me the bad news that i would be owning $10,000. due to a situation i was not liable for. He spoke to me and assured me he would take some time and read up on my situation. He did! I ended up paying only $623.00. I would recommend this company highly. I wish i had more words to praise this agency. all i can say is God bless you steve and your organization. Thank you thank you!!!"

"I really appreciate all the work done for me, very pleased with how everything went for me. I would totally recommend this to any colleague or friends! Awesome people and awesome job! Keep up the great work!"

"I have always received the best of care, in a timely manner. Employees are knowledgeable and have answered questions to my satisfaction."

"Great company. I have been working with them for the past three years and they never let me down! Incredibly professional and and responsive."

"We've been working with Tony from Whyte and Associates since opening our business back in June 2013. We have our personal and business taxes done through them and they've been a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend giving these guys a shot."

"Finding someone you can trust to do your taxes is like trying to find the perfect doctor - a pain in the butt and always without sacrifice of time and money. So when someone refers you by good ole' fashion word of mouth, you go because sometimes google searches and Yelp reviews just don't cut it..."

"We have been a customer of Whyte & Associates for our corporate returns for two tax filing years and are highly impressed with Tony and his expertise and attentiveness to our needs. Tony has been honest, up front, and accommodating to any question or issue we have had. I have sent him emails on the weekend without the expectation of receiving a response until the next business day and he responded immediately. We are also very pleased that Tony has been fair on pricing. He priced our quarterlies and tax filings initially and has been very fair beyond the first year of his services.

I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking for help with their business tax needs!"

"I have been going to the same tax preparer for years. I received a notice from the IRS that I now owed money. I have been trying to contact my taxman for some time with no luck. I came across Whyte & Associates and spoke to Tony. He was very helpful over the phone and offered to take a look at our return as a consultation. He figured out where my taxman made the mistake. I was very impressed by his generosity and willingness to help. Great service is hard to find these days and I am happy to say these guys have it.

I will be back this year! Thank you Tony!"


Been with Steve for a very long time and I recommend him because he is awesome, friendly, fast and efficient, on-the-ball, humble and helpful when we need him for our tax prereview-boxtions this year and the years to come.

Always will be your customer Steve! God Bless!"

"Thank you AGAIN Steve for all your help with my taxes and etc!!! Whyte and Associates are very helpful, honest and efficient!!! Give them a call!"

"This is my first time to do tax with them since I just moved to Rancho area. When I first called, they quoted me somewhere between $150-$200. But after they are done, it came to over $350 because of extra forms. Tony explained to me very well, and offered me a discounted price of $200 which is reasonable. They are very professional, and I was able to file it on the same day. I would definitely recommend this firm."

"Its always a pleasure to work with Whyte & Associates. I get good solid feedback and service with a smile always! They keep me in line so I am not faced with a surprise bill at the filing deadline and always seem to get some money back into my pocket! Thanks !"

"Great team of people that understand what it means to provide excellent customer service."

"I have been a client of Steve for the past 5 years. Recently I also got to know Tony. Both gentlemen are very professional and responsive to my questions. They take time to ensure that we understand everything we need to about our taxes. Steve was able to correct a tax issue that could have cost my husband and I a lot of money. Having an Enrolled Agent as our tax agent was one of the smartest moves Eric and I ever made. We recommend them highly!"

"Whyte and team are seasoned tax professionals....critical now more than ever given complex IRS codes/rules/forms/timelines. They take personal ownership in your situation and help strategize action plan to achieve best outcomes. Highly recommend."

"Jerry and Steve Whyte, have been our accounts for Tax prereview-boxtion for over forty years....We appreciate the thoroughness of there work, and friendship over these years."

"Have been a Client for over 20 years. They are very professional and always there to help. Best service and always on time. Steve and Jerry are just "great" people and so are their staff. Highly recommend to any business."

"We began using Whyte & Associates, Inc., when we moved from Texas to Southern California. They assisted me with my IRA rollover and have been doing our taxes for over 15 years now. We have continued using them even after we moved back to TX. They are knowledgeable of all rules and regulations in all states and are there personally assisting you throughout the year, planning and preparing for any changes in exemptions or regulations coming down the pipeline."

"I have used Whyte & Associates for about 29 years plus for my liquor/convenient store (Divines Market & Liquor) Like every business your going to audited by the Stateboard, EDD, and or the IRS, not to mention your month end accounting. Well the staff there is knowledgeable and takes care of business with a professional attitude. Tony, has been my direct contact for the past 10 years at Whyte's & Associates and he is one amazing person to work with from his knowledge and positive attitude. As a business owner he guides me with proper steps and processes to take with his expertise, he researches what has to be done and makes sure the process is simple. I recommend Whytes & Associates to any business or individuals that need their books taken care of. "They will do it right with professionalism and integrity ". (Sandi Thomas-owner operator)."

"They've done my taxes for years. My meetings with Steve are always informative and help me to plan our tax strategy for our small business each year. They are prompt about communicating with us when questions arise throughout the year and are fair with pricing for their service."

"Whyte and Aaosicates goes above and beyond in their customer service. They make our accounting and payroll needs their priority so we can do our work efficiently. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I highly recommend their services."

"Steve Whyte has been preparing my taxes for several years. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His office provides prompt, courteous service in a professional manner. I highly recommend his services. I'm a fan!"

" Love the Whyte family and their staff! Professional and friendly and always there to help!"

"The Whyte family has been doing my taxes for years. When the young Whyte bought out his dad the service remained superior. It feels great to go in and know that you are in good hands and they have your best interest in mind. Love these guys!!!"

"We've been going to Whyte for a couple decades. ?? Steve. Easy to get in and quick to get my taxes done!"

"40 years of "EXCELLENT" service! Jerry Whyte has been our financial adviser, tax preparer and Friend for 40 years. Also Steve Whyte is Great.... I highly recommend Whyte and Associates for your Tax and Financial needs. Thank You, Whyte and Associates for all your Help over the past years. Roger and Elaine Thompson"


"Respected, professional and reasonable are just a few attributes of Whyte And Associates! A bunch of good people who are more than just service providers, they have become friends over the years - I highly trust and recommend the team @ WAA"

"Steve has always been the best to deal with! Helpful and great advice in every way. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else regarding my taxes (both business and personal) as well as great financial advice!"

"They're the Best. Been with them many years. Steve Whyte takes good care of me. I can't imagine going to anyone else to get my taxes done."

"Always helpful, and not just during tax season...year round!"

"Great service and people. Tony is a great asset to the company. Very fair pricing, highly recommend."

"Excellent folks to work with. Highly recommend them. Have had a business relationship for over 20 years. Completely satisfied."

"Steve Whyte and everyone in his office are incredibly knowledgeable and professional, plus they are the nicest people. Their expertise and support in handling my tax filings for more than 30 years, not to mention their brilliance during my tax audit, have been invaluable to me, my business, and my family. I highly recommend Whyte and Associates."

"Whyte & Associates have been very helpfull and very informative. Their service is excellent. Turn around time is unreal. I look forward to many more years in our relationship."

"We filed our 2015 taxes with Whyte & Associates this year. We had a Hero loan due to a solar installation and was confused as to how that applied to our tax return. Tony took the time to answer all our questions and sought official answers to make sure they were able to get it done correctly. I was very impressed with his service and attention to detail. They have earned my business for years to come."

"I have been with Steve and Jerry for about 25+ years. Their work ethic is without question. They have always been there for us and are very professional. They have had my personal and business taxes all these years. The entire staff has been extremely helpful and timely. I would highly recommend Whyte & Associates for any of your tax/financial needs. Simply stated.......their the best!! "

" We've been preparing and filing our taxes with Steve for 25 years! Have seen, through pictures, his kids grow up and fly away, have seen him move locations (♥ The RC location), have seen his Dad semi-retire, so it feels a bit like family! Wouldn't go any where else! Thanks Steve!!! "

" I have used these guys for the past 10 years. They have helped me a lot of the years and have also taught me a lot. I'm the kind of guy that likes to ask questions and now what is going on with my finances. Not only do they keep track of everything for my business they are teaching me along the way. I work mainly with Tony and Margarita who I give an A+ in customer service. Steve and his crew have helped me tremendously over the years. "

"I had an all around, excellent experience filing here. I e-mailed Steve directly to ask about how filing my return would work. He promptly called me within 30 minutes of the email (it even caught me off guard). I set up an appointment for the very next day. When I walked into the office, I felt very welcomed and well taken care of. As I was filing, Steve made sure I felt completely comfortable with everything, he answered all my questions and assured me in his competence and know-how. I will definitely be back and would recommend Whyte and Assoc. to all my friends and family."

"We've been working with Tony for our personal and business matters for over a year now and he's been great. Highly recommend Whyte and Associates!"

"All the fine folks over at Whyte & Associates have always been a pleasure to work with. The moment you walk into their office, there is a warm family dynamic that is unique to the industry. I can recommend their services, with complete faith, to anyone looking for help. Specifically, Anthony P. Banta E.A., has been an immense help to me personally and financially throughout the years and has a bond with his client base that is inspiring."

"Steve and his crew do an excellent job. They handle both my personal taxes and corporate entities with professionalism, focus and timeliness. I can't ask for more than that."

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