Why Rancho Cucamonga business owners trust payroll to our accounting firm

Trust a local professional with payroll service in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA area

Payroll. It may seem like an essential business activity that can be easily managed. However, payroll is much more involved that tracking hours and cutting checks. In addition to these minor aspects, the person in charge of company payroll must also maintain extensive knowledge of current laws and regulations pertaining to this area of business. Unless you have an on-site accountant, you may be missing the mark. If you are in the Rancho Cucamonga area, the accounting firm of Whyte & Associates, Inc. can provide you with the full extent of services you need to maximize your business potential. Aspects … Continue reading

Tax planning in the 91730 area aided by the accountants in our Rancho Cucamonga, CA firm

Tax Strategies

When you think of taxes and tax planning, you may imagine the stretch of time in which frantic activity occurs between the end of one calendar year and about April 15th of the following year. During this four-month frame, you may take a considerable look at your financials, seeking to find ways to deduct expenses or claim credits; whatever you can do to keep more money in your own pocket. For most people, tax time can seem somewhat unpleasant, filled with chores and, in many cases, disappointment at the outcome of a year of hard work. If you live in … Continue reading