The right tax planning services can save you money in the long run

The right tax planning services can save you money in the long run

There are several options that individuals and business owners have for the management of their bookkeeping and tax matters. For those who do not want to or should not file completely on their own, there are options such as a storefront tax service or tax planning services from an Enrolled Agent. Whyte & Associates is more than a storefront tax preparation firm. Our office is open for business year round and is staffed by degreed, experienced professionals that can help you manage your financial wellbeing.

The storefront tax service

For many people, the storefront tax preparer seems a viable option for face to face service. In many instances, this may be accurate. Paying a small fee to a storefront makes sense for anyone who wants to maximize their time and their opportunity to take advantage of benefits and deductions with which they may not be familiar. In the last fifteen years, there have been more than 3,500 changes to tax laws. Due to the complexity and fluidity of these laws, personal assistance is certainly an advantage. Not only can an experienced tax preparer find deductions for you, he or she should also be able educate you on the credits and deductions that fit into your situation.

This level of service does not meet the needs of every individual and is probably not the most appropriate option for the business owner. Those who may gain the most from a tax preparer are those who do not own property and who have a very simplified tax situation.

The Enrolled Agent

Whyte & Associates is proud to serve your needs with two Enrolled Tax Agents and degreed accountants. An Enrolled Agent is a tax preparer who has demonstrated competency in the various areas of taxation and representation. This professional must also prove him or herself in the area of ethics, according to the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

Individuals and business owners who want one on one attention for their tax matters, including advice and yearly preparation, appreciate the extensive involvement an Enrolled Agent can provide them with. Enrolled Agents are also well suited to any person or business who wants to secure audit representation as a protective measure.

Whyte & Associates has been serving the needs of businesses and individuals in the Inland Empire for several decades. We are proud of our long history in the area and are happy to answer questions you may have about our firm and services. Call our office at (909) 575-0080.