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The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy reports, of the 404,000 firms that launch annually, about half of those businesses will go on to celebrate their fifth birthday. And, one of every three organizations will survive to the 10-year mark. In all, openings outpace closures by about 12,000 firms annually – with some 404,000 closures reported. 

We at Whyte & Associates in Rancho Cucamonga, California, are pleased to support a variety of business types, across a range of organizational sizes, in their ability to not only survive but to thrive. In addition to our team’s strategic consulting to help our clients businesses grow or go to the “next level,” we also provide a trusted, credible, and experienced hand as seasons change for our clients’ organizations. We offer advisory services when new ventures are launched, when businesses are dissolved, acquired, or sold to other parties. The reasons why restauranteurs to auto repair shops and doctors to dentists trust their invaluable business data and goals to us are as varied as the teams that we serve and support. 

Moreover, before we were accountants, auditors, and Enrolled Agents designed by the Internal Revenue Services, we were business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves. Our family-owned and -operated firm has severed the diverse needs of employers from throughout the Inland Empire for more than 65 years. We have partnered with our clients through ag and oil crises, credit meltdowns, economic downturns not seen since the Great Depression, wars and geopolitical conflict, and, most recently, a global public health crisis. We provide constancy to clients during times of turmoil, change, and unprecedented stressors. 

While not every environment is as dramatic as some of the examples we have listed here and surmounted throughout our firm’s history, there are unique challenges that each business can encounter, even in the so-called “bullish” times. You may require our financial and strategic expertise when facing a variety of events, transitions, evolutions, or phases within your business: 

  • Competitors have changed how they do things. It is vital to stay abreast of what the competition is doing, as those key competitors play an important role in your ability to attract new clients and keep “loyal” ones. Any adjustments to their pricing or even product can be just the push you need to revisit your strategies and adjust. Furthermore, if they have debuted products or services that are a little “too close to home,” action may be necessary to protect your Intellectual Property. 
  • Internal changes with big implications for your bottom line. For instance, have you lost a valued customer? Have you gained a game-changing vendor? With retirements well underway, are you losing some of that priceless “tribal knowledge” that comes with experience? All of these types of changes may require a second look at your operational strategy and actions sooner rather than later.
  • Big plans ahead – Our clients who are taking their businesses to the next level excite us! We share in their sense of accomplishment. It is, however, important that practical action steps and strategies align with these enviable and audacious plans. For example, we may need to revisit funding and secure appropriate financing to seamlessly execute on an expansion.
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