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As we inch closer to April every year, the prominent ads and marketing for income tax preparers become more challenging to miss and avoid. At Whyte & Associates Inc., we have been a trusted tax partner for individuals and businesses in the Rancho Cucamonga area of Southern California for nearly 70 years. We are not going anywhere and can be trusted for our accurate, timely, responsive, complete, and insightful calculations, data management, and reporting. 

As needed, our tax preparer team is also staffed by Enrolled Agents. This is the highest credential offered by the Internal Revenue Service. In the event of an audit, our qualified EAs can represent clients at all administrative levels of the IRS. 

Due to our considerable expertise and experience, we are also equipped to dramatically minimize the risks of being audited in the first place. However, it should be noted that there are numerous reasons for audits – some of which are entirely outside our control. For instance, some returns are randomly selected. As the IRS notes, a return may be triggered for audit solely due to statistical formulas. To develop “norms,” the agency must have a “statistically valid” sample of randomly screened returns. 

Regardless of any potential triggers, we offer considerable peace of mind and have the prowess to navigate whatever the “tax season” may bring. And it’s not just a “season” to us. We like to stay in touch with our clients throughout the year. In fact, this behavior is simply a good and essential practice. By keeping tabs on any changes to your life that could have financial and tax implications, we can stay ahead of them. We can identify potential money-saving credits and deductions, which you formerly may not have been eligible for, and we can also work to develop tax-mitigating strategies. 

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Such strategic thinking reduces any new and greater potential tax burdens that may have presented themselves over the prior year. It always helps to have plenty of time on your side. We never want to “rush” through the process because there is so much riding on it regarding potential penalties, reduced tax liabilities, and maximizing the refund. 

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