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When to Hire a Business Consultant in Rancho Cucamonga CA Area

Savvy business owners delegate. One of the best things you can do for your startup or legacy business that needs a breath of fresh air is to enlist a board of advisors. Surround yourself with good people. Without professional accountants, no such team of crucial external wisdom and perspective would be complete. As experienced and highly qualified accountants, Whyte & Associates, Inc. of Rancho Cucamonga, California, takes a holistic view. We understand how different facets and functions of the business are intertwined and how one seemingly distant part of the enterprise can influence (or be influenced by) another segment. 

So, the question of when to hire such a consultant likely is “yesterday.” Given the importance of this expertise for the sustained “life” of your business, ideally, one enlists our team as the wheels are in motion to start the business. From formation to dissolution or whatever the next chapter of the company brings, having our firm as an extension of your team and sounding board supports intelligent decision-making and the successful delivery and performance of strategies that propel your goals and achievements to ever-greater heights. 

While we are privileged to provide continuity and consistent guidance on an as-needed basis that is also scalable and grows and evolves alongside your team, there are pivotal points or stages in the business that demand quality, trusted professional financial acumen. These milestones include: 

  • At the start of the business, when incorporating and otherwise selecting a business structure – Making an informed decision on this front at the beginning can determine everything from how much you will pay in taxes to your personal liability in the face of legal actions against the business well into the future.
  • Changes to the business structure mentioned above – Our capabilities are essential for the above reasons and for seamlessly transitioning from the old entity to the new one, not limited to minimizing undesirable tax consequences as assets and liabilities are transferred.
  • Operational changes – At some point in the life of the business, you will likely segue into new products, pivot to offer different services, make considerable capital investments, or expand into new markets and geographies. These and other innovations may have implications for your total tax debt, ranging from triggering new obligations to presenting new opportunities to be eligible for certain credits and deductions.
  • Hiring new employees, onboarding contractors, and other employee/payroll-oriented changes – Here again, it is essential to know about the potential tax obligations and relevant compliance requirements. In addition, we can help guide you through any infrastructure changes or transitions necessary to ensure payroll is handled correctly and in a timely fashion. 
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